Design Services

  • Space Planning
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Signage

Project Summary

Crush Fitness sought to add personality and create a motivating environment with a custom mural.  DBD offered some layout suggestions to facilitate better circulation in the space and created two handpainted murals: a track-inspired striping pattern on the front wall and a quote on a red background, breaking up a long hallway and creating a designated locker space.  DBD later assisted with the design of a neon sign adjacent to a merchandise wall.

Client Profile

Crush Fitness is a locally owned, non-franchised studio and brand.  Crush mixes high intensity interval treadmill intervals with resistance training using dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, and body weight exercises.  Crush's challenging group classes offer encouragement, camaraderie and accountability.

Crush_DD_v01-03 cropped.png

Crush holds a special place in our hearts as DBD's first client.  When approached to design some graphic art for the studio, Megan saw some space planning opportunities and asked Chelsea to collaborate.  Chelsea's lawyer-husband insisted they do the work under the protection of an LLC and threatened to create "Eaglez Wingz LLC" if they didn't come up with a name.  The following weekend, Double Barrel Design was born.